It’s kinda weird that 1d named their next album after how many back up singers zayn has …

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the year is 2020, one direction appear on television performing what makes you beautiful, i shove my children at their father and proceed to yell 1D AF while doing the splits all over my lounge room floor

Did Harry get a weave? What is this new bun?

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I just logged back into say….. they named their album four, and if they think for one second it’s going to be bigger than Beyonce’s, they have another thing coming. 

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Sorry if I haven’t been on much guys, but between my internship, school, my job, and the fact I’ve not been into 1D as much because of recent events has left me not wanting to update at all. I might just delete but idk.

tashgershfieldxa video from the one and only harry which was played at my wedding!!!!

Anonymous asked: its a shame lm aren't feminists because the salute album always gave the impression that they were stans for women.


yeah bc they’re putting on a show, they don’t believe the things they’re singing about, that’s why they always get so lost and confused when the ~feminism~ topic comes up in interviews, they needed a gimmick to stay relevant and i guess they feel that woman’s empowerment is a gimmick so.. yeah fuck them 


So do you consider yourselves feminists?

All: No

Jade: No, we just appreciate what a woman does and how hard we work and everything else.

So like a balance between men and women?

All: Yes